Your lawn is the first thing everyone sees when driving by or visiting. First impressions are everlasting, allow us to help make your first impression memorable and everlasting. If you have struggled and want some help to get your lawn back to its former glory or if you have a great lawn and just want a reliable company to maintain it we have experts that can help devise a plan in cooperation with you to meet your needs. Ask about our gardener package to make sure all of your landscaping looks pristine and clean.

  • Fertilizer
  • Organics
  • Reservoir
  • Broadleaf Weed Control
  • Pre-Emergent

Fertilizing a lawn is extremely important. It is how your lawn is fed. Just water alone (though also very important) will not keep a lawn healthy from blade tip to root tip. Fertilizing a lawn will help the blades of the grass stay green and also help the root system stay strong and grow correctly. Having balanced fertilizer applications on a regular basis will support a healthy lawn. A good way to look at fertilizing your lawn is, you have to feed kids to make sure they are healthy and strong and your lawn is no different make sure it gets the nutrients it needs as well. Please call us to set up a time to meet with one of our professionals to see what plan will work best for your lawn.


Organic fertilizing and weed control is possible, though it does require a bit more patience that the normal treatment methods. Choosing to do an organic based program is done by making sure the soil in the lawn has the correct Ph balance for lawn but not for the weeds. Please call to schedule a time to meet one of our professionals to go over the options of organic treatments.


Reservoir is for lawns that are struggling due to water. This may be due to an extremely sandy soil base or an extremely hard soil base. These treatments are typically done during the hottest months of the year and need to be evaluated by a professional on when and if to apply. Please call us to have one of our trained professionals come out and answer any questions you may have.

Broadleaf Weed Control

This is for your typical weeds you see in a lawn such as dandelions that can become a nuisance and make a lawn look spotty and not lush and healthy. Root systems of these weeds are significantly stronger than the lawn root system. If left untreated they have the capability of taking over a lawn. These treatments will not treat crabgrass or Bermuda grass and other specialty grasses.


Pre-emergent is a product that will treat seeds before they get a chance to germinate, this includes weed seeds and grass seeds. This is typically done in the spring time as that is the germination time for weed seeds and why over-seeding in the fall has the best results.

  • Bermuda Grass
  • Crab Grass
  • Lawn Insect Control
  • Lawn Fungus
Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is a very evasive type of grass that has been expanding in the area for quit some time now. For many years there was nothing you could do about it other than try and mask it and blend it into the good grass your wanting to grow. There are a few products out now with one that works better than others. They are time sensitive treatments for them to work properly.

The treatment program is as follows:

  1. Apply first treatment at the beginning of August.
  2. Apply Second treatment within 2 weeks of the first.
  3. Apply third treatment within 2 weeks of the second.
  4. Apply at least 2 days after mowing and 2 days before mowing.
  5. NO watering for 24 hours after application.
  6. Wait one month before seeding.

The fastest way and best treatments are to do all of this then 30 days after last treatment follow up with a de-thatch, aeration and over-seed to get best results.

Crab Grass

Crabgrass is a broad leaf grass that typically grows in clumps. It does die off in the winter, though when that happens it leaves seed pods behind in the spring to germinate and spread as quickly as possible. This is why the pre-emergent is so important in the spring time. Though crabgrass can be treated throughout the year it is very hearty and extremely tough to get rid of any time of the year.

Lawn Insect Control

Every lawn has turf damaging insects, lawn insect control does not mean treating ants in the lawn, it is to treat insects that feed on the lawn and lawn root system. The typical bugs are grubs, bill bugs and sod web-worm. Every lawn has 1 or more of these and realistically always will. It is to keep the population down to where it is not doing damage to the lawn. If damage in the lawn is already present after treatment the damage will grow slightly before it starts getting better. Please call us to have one of our trained professionals come out and examine your lawn today.

Lawn Fungus

Lawn fungus though rare does happen. Fungus in the lawn can destroy a lawn very quickly and just replacing the lawn will not take care of the problem and will likely kill any new lawn you try and install. Please call to set up a meeting with one of our trained professionals if you suspect a fungus in your lawn.

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