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Tired of climbing up on your roof to find out that you
left your shingle tab in the garage? How about getting all
of the lights set up after triple checking them only to turn
them on and still have a light out?

Moving the box’s of lights around the garage during the summer to make room and during spring cleanings. Let us take care of it for you. With a professional design, you pic the colors and we do all the work and store them for you. If you have your own lights and just don’t want to put them up. We can put your lights up for you. We can set up your entire holiday scene for you. We have the experience and the willingness to make sure you have a great holiday season. We offer a wide variety of holiday lighting options. Ask one of our specialists any questions you may have and sit back and enjoy the holidays without the worry of lights and climbing on roofs.


We can design a holiday décor set up for your home that is customized to your home. We do all the install, routine checks, removal and storage of your exterior holiday décor. We use L.E.D. lights for power saving and can use just about any color for any holiday. Want to do multiple holidays we can accommodate that as well. Lights can go on: Facia, Ridge Line, Stake Lighting (along pathways and sidewalks), Trees, Railing, and we also have day time décor such as wreaths and garland.


After your first year we have everything set up and ready to go up for years to come. You are able to change color at no extra cost from year to year and you will receive 5% discount on your second consecutive year, 10% on your third consecutive year, 15% on your fourth consecutive year and 20% on your fifth consecutive year. It will remain at 20% off of the original price for as long as you remain a décor customer consecutively. If you add something from the previous year the added décor will follow its own discounts from year to year.

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