Services and Schedule


Starting up a system involves pressurizing the system with water by turning on the main valve. The technician will run through each zone to make sure all heads are working properly and have correct coverage. While doing this the technician will clean filters and mark any unserviceable sprinkler heads. If you are a mow customer and we have access to the timer we will set your timer for you as well.


Technician will come out and put air pressure to the system to blow excess water out of the sprinkler lines as to protect against freezing water damage. Technician will mark any unserviceable sprinklers and breaks found during this process.


This service can be done as often as you would like, up to weekly checks by our mow crew. Technician will run through all zones verifying serviceability as well as coverage. Filters will be cleaned as needed and checked at each check.


Smart timers are a way to monitor all your watering usage as well as able to adjust the timer on the go. It is the latest technology available to be a bit more hands on. This also allows you to not water when it is raining outside with the right set up. It will monitor the weather and save you $$$.


This is a great way to make sure you are covered. If you have this sprinkler installed we will warranty the sprinkler itself for life, YES FOR LIFE (this is transferable to new owners as well). Check out our sprinklers with our logo and see if it is the right fit for you.


We can repair any irrigation problem you may have. We charge 1 hour minimum and parts. Most things can be fixed within the first hour. Please call our office to check on our hourly rates. Office cannot give estimates over phone as our technician must come out for the hourly rate to give an estimate.

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