Irrigation is an integral part of keeping a lawn healthy.
Unfortunately it goes overlooked more times than it should.

Allow us to come get your system up and going for the start of the year, shutting it down for the winter and maintaining it over the course of the year to make sure all of your landscape is getting the water it needs to thrive. Ask about our gardener package to get weekly monitoring and top notch care on your irrigation system. Don’t let your lawn be left out in the desert with no water.

  • Start Up
  • Winterization
  • Check & Adjust Monitoring
  • Repair
  • Add On
  • New Install
Start Up

The starting up of your irrigation system at the beginning of the watering season is extremely important as it starts you out on the right foot. We will turn your water on, make sure sprinklers are working and flag the sprinklers that are not (if authorized will replace as needed for additional fee based on time and material). We will adjust the sprinklers to make sure you have proper coverage and will make suggestions for improvements, if needed, to make sure you are getting the most out of your irrigation system.


This is extremely important and could save you a lot of money come spring time. We will put pressurized air to your irrigation system to make sure that the water level that may be left in the irrigation system will not do damage to the system. If this is not done you may run the risk of irrigation pipes breaking due to freezing pipes. Though keep in mind that it does take 72 hours of continuous below freezing temperature to freeze the pipes (when installed at the correct depth). Do not wait to get on the schedule to make this happen before the freeze hits and call us today.

Check & Adjust Monitoring

These services are to maintain the irrigation system to its best ability. We will come out and make sure the whole system is working correctly and flag any breaks or non-working sprinklers we may find (prior authorization to replace can be made to fix while on site). We will adjust sprinkler heads to make sure you are getting the best coverage possible and make any suggestions that our specialist feels will make your system better.


We can repair any irrigation problem you may have. We charge 1 hour minimum and parts. Most things can be fixed within the first hour. Please call our office to check on our hourly rates. Office cannot give estimates over phone as our technician must come out for the hourly rate to give an estimate.

Add On

If you have added lawn area to your yard or maybe you took lawn area away and changed it to a shrub bed area. We can either add to the existing system, up to and including a new zone or make the change from lawn sprinkler to drip system.


New Install

We can install a new system in your home as well. If it is an older home that you have to move the sprinkler around or a new house that you just had built we can design a system that will be the best system for your needs.

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